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A blog in the realm of Holistic concepts, wellness lifestyles, therapeutic effects and properties via the Tree and Plant kingdom, "Mother Nature - Gaia" with a passionate heart.  Focusing much within the field of Aromatherapy, an emerging medicinal way to treat many concerns for the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body.  Indulge your inner fairy with this informative and delightful blog.  

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En-Joy!  Robin

Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all. 
In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.
  - Aristotle

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As a bodyworker/massage therapist, I find Spruce, Black wonderful for personal use at the end of a busy day working with multiple clients. Most individuals who do bodywork/massage therapy tend toward a more empathic nature in general; add to that feeling tired or overwhelmed, Spruce Black or Pine Black can clear us from our day's work. That is when I find myself in a tub of Epsom salts w/drops of Spruce Black or Pine Black - no time or tub, no problem, apply Spruce Black (approximately 3 drops) on your crown chakra and then shower after with clearing intent. Adding a couple of drops to your regular massage oil when you feel particularly vulnerable or supersensitive, two drops in an eight-ounce bottle of carrier oil is more for the conifer vibrational medicine "clearing to the energetic field" and hardly detectable to the olfactory.

 Other helpful tips in bodywork are: Assisting clients in clearing their energic fields, unwanted attachment or cording concerns, empathic sponging, and entity attachment. Useful in bodywork such as Reiki, Shamanic, and other energy healing modalities. PINE, BLACK also being wonderful counterpart conifer sister in this area.

In working with the Plant essences it is also good to remember what other personal properties they offer to assist ourselves or clients as best we can. It's like being a Plant, Tree, or Flower EO detective in relationship to our client, that intuitive connection coupled with our plant essence knowledge. The Best!

Spruce, Black: Assists with Adrenal, immune system, respiratory concerns (ALL Conifers assist respiratory), analgesic, expectorant, colds, asthma, and hormonally works with the endocrine system. All Spruce have natural cortisone chemotypes and offer a grounding and calm sensation of being in one's physical body. Black Spruce or Black Pine work with the shadow side in a very kind and loving way.

My first personal experience with Black Spruce was noticeable; the application was a few drops on my crown chakra in meditation, and I didn't know what was being used. I could literally feel negative or unwanted energy leaving my energetic body. I kept thinking, "where did those cooties come from?" I know her power, love, kind and unassuming nature, a beautiful sister in the conifer realm. So very grateful for the continued gifts this lovely conifer shares with us.

Shadows do not exist without the presence of light. 

Cosmic Essential oils, Robin