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Sedona Aromatherapy Consultations

sedona aromatherapy consultationsRobin Michaels
Aromatherapist, LMT (MT-03779P)

Robin's specialty is Holistic Aromatherapy Massage and Consulting. Facilitating deeper dimensions of self-healing through holistic aromatherapy that expedite and awaken states of consciousness where true healing takes place.

Holistic Aromatherapy Consultations
“Individual or Group Consultations”
60 minute/ 90 minute sessions

“The divine essence of Nature, awaits YOUR divine unique expression!”

All consultations are intuitive, experience and knowledge guided, based on your expressed desires of health, comfort and happiness benefit. Consultations will include best application methods, essential oil information, protocols and various uses, relative to your personal story.

Group Consultations: I would happily facilitate group consultations for intimate size gathering at your location for those that wish to share in a focus or multi-dimensional topics of individual shared interest. Q&A time, experience a few demos of essential oil application methods, plant kingdom wisdom and protocols. All geared toward your intimate group situation!

Each essential oil (flower, tree, plant/herb) has their own unique personality and special attributes that promote and allow for a more honest and integrative approach in general well being! Essential oils can empower us to remember who we truly are “our authentic nature”, stimulate our senses imbuing mindful attitudes and states of grace as we walk our individual journey; via the ethereal ambient field (spiritual), mental, emotional and physical realms. Essential oils and the olfactory system; the olfactory “nose” knows the dormant recesses of our emotional mind and memories bringing to light suspended emotional traumas, that we may surrender them to be healed. Mother nature has provided us with all that we need to heal ourselves.

Consultations are by appointment: Sedona, AZ

Email Robin through the website or call 928.300.5062.